Hamster and Gerbil Races at B&B Pet Stop

September 8, 2019

Each year B&B Pet Stop sets up a 16-foot racetrack and invites kids of all ages to bring their pet hamsters and gerbils to the Hamster & Gerbil Races to benefit the Mobile County Public Schools.

On race day , as many as 5 hamsters or gerbils, secure inside their plastic balls, race each other as the crowd cheers them on. The first one to cross the finish line wins the heat. There will be as many heats as are necessary and heat winners race in the semi-finals; the fastest pets make it to the finals. Great prizes for the winners!

Registration fees: $5 per pet in advance, $8 per pet on RACE DAY

Plastic balls for the hamsters + gerbils to race in may be purchased at B&B Pet Stop or brought from home. We recommend getting a ball as soon as possible so you can get your hamster in shape for the races!

No Hamster? NO PROBLEM!!
While supplies last, you can RENT a hamster or a gerbil and a racing ball for $10 – which includes race registration. Must be 18 years old or accompanied by a parent/ guardian to rent.
It is best to register in advance and RESERVE your pet ahead of time. We cannot guarantee we’ll have pets to rent on Race Day.

All registration + rental fees are donated to the Mobile County Public Schools.