Fish Swap

Fish Swap Day

The FIRST TUESDAY of every month is FISH SWAP DAY

Bring in ANY healthy freshwater OR saltwater fish that we sell (up to 5 of one kind) and SWAP for some other kind of fish.

We will give you a B&B Pet Stop gift card valued at up to half* of our regular retail price.

– Swap out some of your fish for something different, just to jazz things up!
– Swap out that ‘bully’ in your tank.
– Swap out that ONE BIG FISH who has taken over your tank and start over with a bunch of smaller fish.
– Swap out ALL of your freshwater fish and set up a saltwater tank!

NOTE: Transport your fish carefully – if it is damaged when you get here, we can’t take it.

* The value of all fish is at the sole discretion of the B&B Pet Stop Krewe. You can opt NOT to swap.